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Free Webinar: How to Get Rich and Famous with Your Blog

Hi there, in case you haven’t heard, problogger John Chow and I will be hosting a free webinar next Tuesday at 4pm PDT called “How to Get Rich Famous with Your Blog.” Unlike what you might be thinking, this webinar isn’t about some secret ninja guru technique that’s going to transform your blog into a […]

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How to Overcome Writing Anxiety

Allow me to be honest with you: I frequently suffer from writing anxiety. When I sit down to write a blog post, I usually stare at the screen for about ten minutes, thinking of the most effective opening line. When I finally squeeze that out and revise it a few times, I move on to […]

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Evolving the Tone of Communication

How you talk is just as important as what you say. For example, I expect nothing less than pure relevance and usefulness in Rich Schefren’s writings. And so far he has never failed to deliver on this. I just finished “Attention Age Doctrine” and I must say he’s brought everything I’ve learned thus far into […]

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