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Free Webinar: How to Get Rich and Famous with Your Blog

Hi there, in case you haven’t heard, problogger John Chow and I will be hosting a free webinar next Tuesday at 4pm PDT called “How to Get Rich Famous with Your Blog.” Unlike what you might be thinking, this webinar isn’t about some secret ninja guru technique that’s going to transform your blog into a […]

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Make Money Online by John Chow Book Review

John Chow is one of the very few people I have high respect for in the make money online niche. So it should come as no surprise that I’m here to offer you Wordful’s official review of his new book Make Money Online: Roadmap of a dot com mogul (affiliate link). Quite fittingly, I read […]

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Why You’ll Never Get Rich Blogging

I concede: I will never get rich blogging and I don’t recommend you try it, either. It worked well for some people at the right time, but it’s not ever going to work for me…and likely you. The reason why is because blogging for money tends to evaporate creativity and the Linchpin. The majority of […]

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