Poll: What Matters to You in a Blogger?

I’m ultra curious to know what really keeps readers loyal to a certain blogger.

Do you mind taking this quick survey? You can only choose your top 2 answers.

Be sure to share it with your friends, too. Thanks!

I will talk about the results of this poll in a future blog post.

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7 Replies

  1. Andy Skinner Reply

    To this I would like to propose another option – the most important in my opinion: Originality of content.

    Either because it’s a news scoop I haven’t seen anywhere yet, or more likely because the blogger is offering a fresh perspective on something I already know about. This isn’t necessarily quality of writing, more about novelty of ideas – either through timeliness, or combination of disparate concepts.

    Personally, I would rather read a well-thought post with original content once a week, than a shorter, less original post every day.

  2. Charles Reply

    Andy — this is an excellent comment, and I agree (you could say I forget this option). Right now I’m experimenting with trying to publish a post a day (5x/week) and it’s tough.

    I noticed when I published once a week, my posts were much more deep and insightful—and original. But they were also overly laborious and too infrequent to capture a regular stream of readers.

    I have a little over 2 weeks left on my experiment, after which I will might likely post less often. Again — thanks for your comment. I hope to engage with you more in the future.

  3. I went with quality of writing.

    I read a blog not just for entertainment, but I need some education too. If i don’t get that, I’m wasting my time.

    I read ‘theoatmeal’ to laugh but also to understand what Matthew’s doing that’s attracting so much enthusiasm over his work.

    I read ‘copyblogger’ not just to improve my copywriting skills. But to see what makes their blog posts so well-written and clear. I feel that copyblogger constantly gives textbook examples of what makes a good blog post. So, I don’t just try to internalize the teachings, but also the methods.

    Like you, I’m a serious blogger. And I have to get something out of every blog I read.

    Recently I’ve unsubscribed from a writing blog. I won’t name which one, but I just noticed that the posts lost the consistency of quality they once had and I don’t have patience for that. My time is too valuable. My reading of blogs better sure as hell educate me.

    Since education is my number one priority, you can imagine how important consistency is for me.

    It’s not important at all.

  4. Charles Reply

    Hey Bamboo — I was just thinking about you today and your comment appeared! I appreciate the feedback.

    If you’ve read my response to Andy’s comment above, I’m very much having issues about quality of posts during this 1-post-a-day experiment I’m doing. The best I’ve done is drafted some excellent posts, but the time and integrity it takes to flourish them is much too overwhelming for one day.

    I can’t help but imagine the blog you’ve unsubscribed from is this one. If that’s the case I respect your decision, but can’t help but ask you to please stick around and see how things will evolve over the next month. Part of my strategy is to record the process of daily posting and deliver an end report on whether or not it’s a good thing to do.

    I’m now in my second week of daily posting with a growing cache of good material drafts. The trick now is to not necessarily write something everyday (that’s tough as I’m learning), but rather edit everyday. I’m all about the editing.

    Anyway, great to hear from you, and see your question to Glen Allsopp in ViperChill. You constitute the most vocal part of the Wordful community so far 🙂

  5. The blog that I’ve unsubscribed from is not this one. Nope.

    I think you’re courageous to do this one post a week strategy and I commend you for it. Sonia Simone wrote an article on Copyblogger about how writing each day can powerfully improve your writing:


    So, I can only imagine that this boot camp you’ve placed yourself in will only make you a better writer.

    As far as length of post: I think it’s absolutely irrelevant.

    The length should be a servant to the idea and not vice versa.

    An idea that pierces the mind and gladdens the spirit accomplishes this based on the substance of the idea, not on how long it takes to convey the message!

    It was nice to get that link on VC 😉 I’ll take any link I can get for TTT.

    Keep up the good work. And good for you for getting WAY out of your comfort zone and writing each day for your blog. Stay the course until the bitter end. Then, afterwards, you can figure out what the optimal frequency is.

    My personal philosophy with blogging is that the ideal frequency is twice a week (unless you’re a blog like copyblogger that gets tons of guest writers).

    You know, when Brian start CB long ago, he only wrote two posts a week!

  6. Charles Reply

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, Bamboo. I’m having fun, even though it’s a pain.

    Who knows where I’ll be after the month is over (will I keep going everyday or back off?).