Are You Balanced Enough to Succeed?

Take a quick break from your work, your rules, your tools, your systems. How do you feel about your success?

When I pause to consider, the word balance comes to mind. Hawaiians use the word pono, which means doing what you know to be right in thought and procedure. Pono is a good concept to live by.

A lot of what I see online lacks pono. So many people trying to sell people the dream. So many people falling for it over and over. And countless others who get frustrated and give up.

The best position to be in is the one that understands the playing field and proceeds in balance of all extremes: wealth with value, work with reward, give with receive, meditation with conversation, praise with criticism, and so on.

Even if you’re not successful yet, and it’s taking you longer than you think, having pono will definitely assure your legacy will be the best of everything you intended.

Just a thought. Carry on.

Pipeline barrel photo by ornellaswouldgo.