Please Help Me, I’m Stuck

A piddly 9 posts in the past 4 years, and this blog continues to occupy my thoughts…daily.

And what are the 7 reasons for that?

  1. started over six years ago and I still believe in its potential
  2. It’s got a cool, catchy domain name
  3. There used to be a small but loyal audience here…
  4. …and it even caught the attention of a few prominent bloggers back in the day
  5. Very recent redesign and it’s the best one yet
  6. It helped me land a job at a Silicon Valley startup
  7. I love blogging

Here’s the problem


Don’t know what to write about anymore. I get a lot of ideas — like critiques of great content-rich sites, or why I love email marketing, or a chronicle of my marketing projects — but they never seem to stick or belong here. Feels off.

guyDon’t know who to write for. Maybe if I knew who to write for, I’d know what to write about. Content marketers? Meh — is there even such a thing? Other bloggers? Yes, but what kind of bloggers? Entrepreneurs? What do they need?

Unsure of the market. As an entrepreneur, I can’t just write a blog for the sake of enjoying it — there needs to be a viable market on the receiving end. The problem is I can’t think of monetizing Wordful because of the first two reasons.

For Wordful to succeed, all three of conditions must exist: subject, audience and market potential.

In essence, is diagnosed with an identity crisis. And I’m reaching out to whoever is reading this to help me out, please.

How can I help you?


In the past, this blog could be best summed up as a resource about becoming a better writer and editor and blogger. While I still believe in those things, I’m not quite sure it’s a complete picture of what Wordful is capable of.

So I ask you:

  • What do you need in a blog about writing and editing and blogging that would really you in your life and your business?
  • What’s missing from your entrepreneurial arsenal?
  • Do you want to be educated or entertained?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts, I’m TOTALLY LISTENING.

Unsplash photos from Jeff Sheldon and davide ragusa and Jasper van der Meij

6 Replies

  1. Rohan Bhardwaj Reply


    This is my first visit to your blog and I can sense skills in your writing.

    6 years and 9 blog posts, I am surprised to see this blog still up.

    First, you got many options, your domain name is nice. Your audience is what you write about.

    You can write about following topics.

    Content creation, marketing, Branding and Some articles on Entrepreneurs.

    Each topic have thousands of potentials. Try hubspot’s topic generator to churn out five topics out of each keyword and you will have 20 or more articles.

    Analyze the trend in shares and visits to see which topic is rocking.

    People won’t discover your blogs by chance. I came here by Alltop by chance. You need to promote the blog to see the audiences reaction.

    Any motivation, reply me and I will get back.


    • Charles Bohannan Reply

      Hey there Rohan — I didn’t even realize I had a comment until now, so thanks for your honest and thoughtful input. It’s encouraging to hear from a real reader.

      I actually logged in to create a new post, so maybe you could say I’m slowly ticking up the momentum. I’ll look into your advice, continue to craft around an audience and check back in with you soon.

      • Rohan Bhardwaj Reply

        Hi Charles,

        I am glad you liked it.

        Keep the momentum going. Also update your SEO, it has been changed a lot. Take care.

  2. myniqqa Reply

    danke hat mir geholfen