7 Steps to Blog Post Perfection


I want you all to know I suffered at the ruthless hands of time and atrophy to bring you this.

We’re talking countless hours spent thinking, writing, scribbling, procrastinating, rewriting, deleting, groaning and starting over—all for a blog post.

Nowadays it’s better. I developed an easy 7-step system that helps me power through my blog writing. I now get it done not just in record time, but with much better efficiency and competence.

So here you go:

  1. Get an idea. Ideas are plentiful, and the best way to capture them is to write them down. Fill your notebook with all the ideas that flutter into your consciousness throughout the day. [You do have a notebook or Evernote, right?] Tip: write one-line summaries for your best ideas, then circle them for easy finding when you’re ready to write your post. Then…
  2. Write the headline. I lifted this tip straight from Copyblogger, which recommends you write your headline before your content, because “you have the benefit of expressly fulfilling the compelling promise you made with the headline, which ultimately helps to keep your content crisp and well-structured.” Very well stated. Now prepare to…
  3. Spill your guts. Otherwise known as writing the first draft, where you need to sell yourself on your own ideas. Isolate yourself from all distractions and write from the heart. Don’t worry about clarity or persuasion or spelling, and don’t get self-conscious — just make sure you write down the essence of your message. Once you’re done spilling…
  4. Walk away. Take a necessary break and leave your first draft alone for at least an hour. A day is even better. The time away allows your writing to take root and your mind to refresh. The result: refined perspective. Now you’re ready to…
  5. Come back and edit. Editing is tough but powerful. It’s where you make sure your writing is totally clear, accurate and relevant to your audience. It’s also where you strengthen your voice and style and personality. Take the time to edit your post until it’s as perfect as you can get it, then…
  6. Add the xFactor. Nobody really talks about this, but I do. It’s something you should do with every post you write. Adding the xFactor is the art of making a good post great, and the difference between presenting yourself as a professional and presenting yourself as an expert. What could you add (or subtract) from your post to make it better than anything anyone has ever read on the subject? Is your post in context with what other people are saying? Does it evolve an idea people believe in? Will it challenge people to take action? Ask yourself these tough questions, then answer them in your post. Now it’s time to…
  7. Publish. Don’t underestimate this final step. It calls on your courage to broadcast your ideas to the world. It calls on your responsibility to be accountable for what you say and don’t say. It calls on your conviction to influence, educate and entertain your readers. Like they say — publish or perish.

What do you think? Anything missing or something you’d like to add? Please share in the comments.

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5 Replies

  1. Laura Kinoshita Reply

    So true, and great advice. I especially like the idea of locking yourself away from any distractions!

    • Charles Reply

      Thanks, Laura. Yeah — avoiding distractions are paramount, but extremely challenging considering how easy it is to get online and check email, news, etc.

  2. margaretwille Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions. I like the idea of writing the title first — this helps to define the scope of the blog — what are its boundaries.

    I admit I am trying to get into the practice of not aiming for the perfect blog… otherwise I wil have to cut back substantially. I usually write my blogs in the evening or late at night when everything else finished. Often I am starting to fall asleep. Then in the morning I reread what I already posted, and make critical corrections. I know this is not the best system, but necessary while having to do much else…. like earning $$ to pay bills.

    • Charles Reply

      Sounds like an efficient system, Margaret. That last phrase (earning $$$) is the bane of my existence, actually. Writing this blog is the ultimate labor of love these days. I’m hoping one day it catches on with people and some opportunities come out of it.