3 Ultra Simple Productivity Tools for Writers

I’d like to share a few awesome productivity tools that are helping me get things done on a daily basis.

I’ve tried using programs like ToodleDo, but the learning curve is just too high—so many features it just ends up boggling your mind. Ironic, eh?

These tools on the other hand are so simple in their design and interface that it takes literally minutes to get acquainted and comfortable using them. Two of them are free and one is a paid iPad app.

Teux Deux. Introduced to me by Seth Godin, TeuxDeux is a to-do list with very little frills. All you do is add your tasks for a given day and check them off or delete them when you’re done.

I like to add all my tasks for the day—even the tiny ones; that way I can see exactly what and how much needs to be done. It’s satisfying to go through and see what you’ve accomplished for the day.

I highly recommend using TeuxDeux for your editorial calendar. It’s more simple than this WordPress editorial calendar plug-in everyone has been talking about.

Tick Tock Timer. This little app requires very little explanation: it’s an online timer. You set the time you want to work on something, start the timer and try and finish it on time!

The sound it plays when it goes off is pretty funny. I’ll let you try it out to find out what it is.

I’m using Tick Tock Timer to write this blog post, and—oops—I don’t think I gave myself enough time.

Writer. I love Writer so much that it might very well be my favorite iPad app. All it helps you do is write…in a pure distraction-free environment.

Since my recent Writer app review, they’ve added a word count. It sure beats the character count. If you have an iPad and you write, get Writer. It’s easily worth the $4.99.

Photo by aussiegall.

6 Replies

  1. Santel Reply

    Thank for sharing the Teux Deux, I was looking for a tool to schedule my blog post, I have tried Google calendar but it is not that simple to manage, I think Teux Deux will do!

  2. Charles Reply

    Sure thing, Santel. Nice to know you’re reading!

  3. morealtitude Reply

    Thanks for this. On the basis of your very enthusiastic review I am definitely going to pick up IA Writer for iPad. I’ve been looking for a nice writing app and I’m hoping this will be the ticket. Cheers!

  4. Charles Reply

    Yes, Writer is awesome. Get it now!

  5. Jayant Upadhyay Reply

    Try Contrich.com. It provides very useful tools designed specially for copy writers working in teams like writing the content anywhere on the page, verifying it automatically and many more. It also has an easy to use ticketing system to keep track of projects and assigned tasks.