Write Like This to Get More Readers

No matter how deep or shallow your subject matter — adapt your writing style to satisfy how people read on the web.

Write short paragraphs with short sentences and simple words. Omit needless words.

Think casual, assertive efficiency for readers with infinite choices and shrinking attention spans.

Avoid huge, wordy paragraphs. They detract most readers because they remove the ease of skimming.

Go ahead and test the theory: go on Facebook and scroll around until you open a blog post. Don’t even read it. Just look at it. Your brain will send you an instant signal if it’s physically worth reading.

Writing for the web is a fun craft. You get to enjoy finding ways to stand out using fewer words. For example, the previous sentence said could have said “You get to spend more time finding ways to say a lot in as few words as possible” — but it didn’t.

Lastly — if you have a lot to say, go ahead and say it all. Take as much screen as you want.

And don’t forget style. And personality!

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