Wordful Wednesday: The Revolution, Generosity, Microstyle and More

Aloha and welcome to Wordful Wednesday:

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  • Viva la Digital Media Revolución, aka “newspapers-are-failing-how-will-the-industry-survive?” is popping up quite a bit these days (if you haven’t noticed). Check out these sites on the subject: 
    • Mediashift (see logo above): Nice holistic coverage by PBS that covers “legacy media,” social media, buinsess education, culture and more.
    • Eat Sleep Publish: A small, intelligent and insightful site on the future of publishing. Blogger Jason Preston presents a balanced perspective of big legacy media mixed with blogging.
    • Editor Chat: A TweetChat hosted by Tim Byers and Lydia Dishman that brings together writers and editors to discuss in real-time the digital revolution. Prominent editors often moderate the chat, which is every Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm PST. Read my post on Editorchat here.

Wordful’s take on the Digital Media Revolution:

Big media hasn’t caught onto blogging, and blogging hasn’t caught onto big media. When they finally converge–peacefully–the revolution will be over and the industry will be revitalized. See you there!

Blogging is not a natural moneymaker. Killer content is.

  • nameinspector1Blame it on Twitter, but the short form is here to stay. Microstyle: How to Get the Most out of Every Word and Phrase is the tentative title of an upcoming book by highly respected “The Name Inspector” (Christopher Johnson).

Chris’s blog is the best on naming I’ve ever seen. I’m buying his book. So should you.