Raisin Hell, Nice People, Free Stuff and More: Wordful Wednesday

Welcome to the real Wordful Wednesday, not the 29,000 other Wordful Wednesdays you’ll find on Google.

With that said, let’s start with this:

…given the existence of Twitter, would you start a blog that pointed out interesting things on the internet? The time for a blog pointing out interesting things on the internet has clearly passed.”

A fair observation, but not entirely true. Twitter and other social media platforms may be the modern day nexus for interesting things, but there’s no efficient way to gather and publish this information to a focused audience. Blogs have the advantage here.

Hint: harvest good links from Twitter to republish on your blog. Just don’t turn into this.

  • Tweet of the Week, not sure who started it, but found it here:

Best bloggers speak with their natural voice. If you can’t be yourself on your own blog, why even bother?

Being yourself on your blog is the only way to truly succeed. Just look at any big name blogger–are they pretending to be someone other than themselves? Read more about being genuine here and here.

  • raisin-hellHere’s a great example of a truly niche blog: http://raisin-hell.com. Author David Gillespie dishes out all the right elements here: focus, passion, well-researched data, usefulness and a worthy cause. The subject (why sugar is poison that makes us fat) is controversial, which turns up the intrigue factor.
  • I owe another thanks to Copyblogger once again, not for copywriting wisdom but this article that led me to Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz. She and Sonia Simone started a (so far) free course called Marketing For Nice People. You should sign up and listen to the call on copywriting for nice people. It healed me, really.

MFNP is for people who hate selling things but have to. Naomi and Sonia remove the anxiety of having to think and act like a marketer (artists and expressionists–listen up).  About Naomi: she has a foul mouth, but I like that. I have a foul mouth, too, but not in public.

  • david_risleyGood ‘ol David Risley once again makes the best of free speech with another rant on the state of blogging and what’s wrong with America. His rant: stop being a zombie and start thinking for yourself. Then start helping other people think for themselves. I quote:

Be a force for good in this world. Do what’s right. Encourage excellence.

David is proof in the pudding. His blog isn’t just his business tool, it’s also the platform for his deeper and evolving ideas about life. Such is the beauty of blogging.

  • Seth Godin summarizes the concept of free on the web in this post. If free is so free, how much value does free really have? Is this antithesis of sticker shock?

I’ll end this post with Mary’s quote:

Editing is where the real work of writing lives.

7 Replies

  1. Charles Reply

    For those of you who might notice, today is Thursday. I was late on this, okay? Just pretend it’s Wednesday. I’ll get it right next week!

  2. Deveena Reply

    OMG Charles, this is sad. I so did NOT notice today was already Thursday! LOL
    So much to think about and read here. Thanks for all the great links. Especially the Quick 5 step guide. Off I go to read all these goodies.


  3. Charles Reply

    Ha! Yeah, it’s Thursday. I’m late. Maybe nobody else will notice. 🙂

  4. Sonia Simone Reply

    Thanks for the link! And believe me, I know all too well how it feels to need to market myself, but to be pretty grossed out by 99% of the advice out there. It’s so fun to be partnering with Naomi. We just need one more and we can be the Powerpuff Girls of marketing. 🙂

  5. Charles Reply

    Hi There, Sonia — thanks for the comment–it’s greatly appreciated.

    I wasn’t very explicit about it, but that one-hour call on copywriting really, REALLY helped me. It completely jolted my perception of marketing in a very good way. I practically feel like a new person.

  6. Writer Dad Reply

    I love Sonia and Naomi’s email course so far. Marketing is my biggest weakness so I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  7. Cynthia Reply

    Isn’t it strange when people comment on something you wrote a long time ago? I’m browsing through your blog and enjoying some of your past posts. Will spend some time with this page again soon. Aloha from Hilo!