Wordful is Writing its First eBook

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At Affiliate Dot Com Live in Las Vegas, problogger John Chow suggested I write “The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content,” and that’s just what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

This eBook is all about how to give your readers what they want and look good doing it. Unlike a lot of the other ‘how to’ blogging guides out there which focus on marketing, Wordful’s ebook is exclusive to producing and publishing content as a business.

One of the reasons I’m writing this is because I see a space that’s not being filled. There’s so much attention being paid to Internet marketing that the discipline of publishing content often gets reduced to an afterthought.

Bloggers think they’re in the marketing business when they should be in the publishing business. Marketing is certainly important and necessary (believe me I’ve learned the hard way on this), but people have to realize that it’s a heck of a lot easier to do marketing when your content is truly superior.

It’s a no-brainer, really.

Right now, the book is split into five sections:

  • Mindset: getting yourself into a comfortable mental space where you can focus on your success
  • Writing: the core foundation of blogging; how to write like a professional without having to be an expert
  • Editing: the key to blogging success; learn the two secrets to being a powerful editor
  • Publishing: the business side of blogging; how to grow your blog into a publishing empire
  • Productivity: how to eliminate some of the most common distractions that are guaranteed to kill your success

I put mindset first because I believe it’s the biggest challenge any serious blogger is faced with. I struggled for two years alone in the Wordful office trying to get my head straight, so to speak (and yes, I finally did get my head straight!).

The writing, editing and publishing sections are the heart of the book. I help you understand how each one works and how to be proficient at each of them. I also explain why editors are the most valuable people on the Internet, and how you can be one.

Anyway, it’s an been an exciting process writing the ebook. At a designated time each day, I stop what I’m doing and focus squarely on writing and editing. It’s amazing how much I get done — I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!

Watch for the eBook in late December on newsstands and anywhere books are sold. Just kidding–it will be on a special website and available through an affiliate network as well.