The #1 Factor to a Successful Blog

It’s quality of writing, at least according to the results of this SEOMoz blog survey.

I couldn’t agree more. While there so many factors to consider on a blog—such as topic, design, frequency, reputation, etc.—quality of writing represents “the heart of the matter.”

Think of it this way: what makes a really great film? It’s not the length or the dazzling special effects, or even the good-looking actors (although that doesn’t hurt).

It’s the writing, the story.

And I don’t just mean copywriting—that’s what advertisers use when they want to sell the film. It’s basically the trailer, with that same familiar voiceover guy we’ve heard as long as we can remember.

You know that voice, right? The one that always sounds a little edgy yet alluring, like you really better go see the film!

That guy is great for getting butts in theater seats. That’s good marketing. But what happens once the film starts is really what matters to us.

What we’re after is that gripping story, that deep connection. And that’s what good writing is all about—getting people hooked on your story, your content.

UPDATE: Jon Morrow of Copyblogger contends that a successful blog is about making other people happy. That’s pretty hard to argue with, though I must say that if Copyblogger were poorly written, nobody would stick around.

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4 Replies

  1. Santel Reply

    Yes, I think writing good contents since so far is a factor but choose a right topic to focus about is also a concern.

  2. Mike Fook Reply

    I’m all over your site today – sorry, just had to comment here too.

    I disagree… I think the number one factor is whether you have a market or not.

    Your writing could suck and if you have a market and are one of the first in it – and write excessively, prolifically, but poorly – like some of the bloggers killing it today, that can work for you.

    On the other hand you could write like Randsinrepose, and if there is no market for it, you are just writing for yourself. No fame without a market.

  3. pedro Reply

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