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How to Improve Your Blogging Quickly and Drastically

If you’re really serious about improving your blogging skills, try what I just did: publish a post every day for one month. Monday through Friday is fine. Here are few improvements you’ll be sure to make: Your writing will get better Much better, in fact. Having the discipline to write and publish everyday is just […]

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Why We Should Blog Often

It doesn’t take much to see how shamefully little I’ve been posting here, and I want to address this because I feel many of us suffer from the same blog starvation-atrophy affliction. Here’s the problem: we still think we’re in college English class. Yes, that one: dialectic thesis statements, multiple drafts, red ink editing, rewriting and other rigors of […]

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How to Assume the Mood of a Blogger

Chris Brogan blogs about the power of human relationships in a world of virtual interface. His advice and stories are interesting. They are poignant and useful to our work and life. The other day, Chris talked about three factors required for blogging every day: discipline, practice and ideas. How utterly direct and simple. I like that. […]

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