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Frustrated? Revisit ‘The Dip’

Today I was feeling frustrated and restless with the general state of things and spontaneously snatched Seth Godin’s “The Dip” from my bookshelf. Since I spend most of my day sitting down, I (re)read the book both standing up and laying down on my office floor. It was a refreshing change in perspective. You can […]

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Copywriters and Journalists Need Not Apply

If copywriters are word experts who persuade people, and journalists report news, what purpose do bloggers serve? The answer is community. Bloggers are writers (among others) who serve the needs and desires of their community. If you understand this simple and important idea, then keep writing. Stop worrying about the need to write “copy” or press […]

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Do You Seek Influence or Income?

Sonia Simone at Copyblogger describes two types of people on the web: thought leaders and marketers. Thought leaders (she calls them the “Cool Kids”) constantly push the boundaries of conversation, attention and influence, while the Internet Marketers chase the cash through quick, aggressive, black hat tactics. Then she poses the question: which tribe is lame and […]

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