How to Beat Content Gluttony

Over consumption of content is just as bad as overeating.  But instead of health problems, we run into time problems and eventually–life problems. If you spend too much time around purposeless content, your life will begin to reflect those values.

There are three main types of content on the internet: information, entertainment and community (a fourth one — products — exist but we won’t worry about that). They’re all part of any human’s healthy content diet. Some people require more of one thing than others to thrive.

At some point or another we’ve all been guilty of blowing off a whole day at work to read news, catch up on gossip, buy something cool or play a meaningless but highly addictive video game. And maybe we leave our desks feeling unfulfilled and guilty, knowing that we’re one day farther away from realizing our life goals.

My advice: treat yourself as you would treat your readers. Give yourself only the best information that you know you’ll benefit from. Be your own editor and locate, filter and use content that helps steer your cause, whatever that might be. If it’s entertainment — laugh your brains out and then move on. Can’t peel away from Facebook? Then use it build your network and save the banter with your old chums for after hours.

There’s too much out there to know and learn so don’t even try to consume it all. Once you get this under control, you’ll then be gifted with the power to create your own content.

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  1. Tina Marshall Reply

    Greetings. I really enjoyed reading this post…it’s so true. Most times I will find myself on facebook for over an hour, just looking at pictures and wasting my time. I like your constructive criticism.

    I found a post on gluttony that I think you’d enjoy. Mostly concerns food gluttony, but it’s a good read non-the-less. Cheers.

  2. Charles Reply

    Thanks, Tina. You’re my first comment ever. This is a big step for Wordful!

  3. Nate Reply

    Good food for thought. Stimulating. Not sure how I feel yet. I need to chew it.

    But Thanks Charles, another good post.