A Quick Fix to More Prolific Writing

If you’re like me and you struggle with writing or blogging on a regular basis, try writing in first person narrative. Start using more I and we and less you, he, she, they and it.

I personally find it a heck of a lot easier to write from my own point of view than it is from or to someone I don’t know. It feels more like talking—natural, unforced and personal.

This Prolific Blogger Writes in First Person

One big reason why blogger Chris Brogan has no problem writing an average of 2-3 posts a day is because he’s squarely disciplined. I admire this breed of writing discipline.

The other lesser known but equally important reason is he gets to be himself every time he writes. There’s a natural flow in Chris’s narrative voice that makes him personable and interesting.

He’s built genuine value that nobody can replicate with learned tactics or automated systems. This ambiance of comfort, of feeling welcome and speaking casually is a big reason why people stick around in Chris’s community.

Copywriting Has Its Time and Place

There will be some copywriters and writing coaches and shrewd college professors who will get on my case about writing in the first person narrative—even on a blog.

They will say I’m not marketing right or that I’m taking the easy way out. They’d rather see me on the front lines “crafting compelling copy” and “addressing customer pain points.”

I will admit they have a point, a finely sharpened point. Copywriting is hugely important for driving sales—traditional aggressive and “dirty” copywriting tactics really do work—but they’re not the best style of writing for building human to human relationships.


If writing in the first person feels better and comes easier and still has the power to deliver value and build communities, shouldn’t we be doing it more?

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6 Replies

  1. cmdweb Reply

    I have to agree, in fact some of the best novels I’ve ever read had large sections of first person narrative. Don’t you think it’s easier to tell a story from a first person point of view? Might be why it’s a good way to get the juices flowing again when you’re stuck.
    I think as you’ve mentioned, in blogs it’s especially effective, as it’s the blogger you become hooked on.

  2. Chris Brogan Reply

    You’ve got one of my secrets. It’s much easier to write because I write as me. I’m rarely “we.” I’m rarely “our company.” I’m rarely “you,” even. I’m just me sharing how you can have something happen with something I know.

    Thanks for the very cool post. : )

  3. Charles Reply

    Thanks for the comment. It is much easier to tell a story from 1st person narrative, but I was always taught it’s not the preferred method. I think it works well for blogging as you say.

  4. Charles Reply

    @Chris — wonderful to see you here! I’m currently focus on the goal to publish once a day. You are faithfully serving as my guide in this noble quest. I’m confident I’ll make it.