11 Unconventional Reasons to Motivate Your Writing

Does writing come natural to you or do you make clichéd excuses and watered-down reasons why you’re not doing it everyday?

For this post, let’s throw your writing a curveball. Here are some not-so-typical reasons why it’s worth the daily discipline and persistence:

  1. Producing feels better than consuming. Writing is an act of production, and while it’s not as easy to do, it certainly feels more rewarding to give than to take. Be a word philanthropist!
  2. Words command attention. Do it good and the world will listen to you. Do it right and they will act.
  3. Teach yourself something new everyday. Unlike “ordinary” thinking, writing actually connects the disparate ideas in your head into something concrete, useful, portable and public.
  4. Talk to yourself without going crazy. Writing purges the clutter in your head that leads to temporary, or even permanent, insanity.
  5. Play offense and defense in sticky situations. Powerful writing can get you through some tough moments in life. I’ve shut down enemies, secured two mortgages and received tens of thousands of dollars in help—all from very carefully chosen words arranged on a page.
  6. Sometimes it’s all you got. Writing is a healthy alternative to giving up on life. If you find yourself in a frustrating, disappointing or otherwise shockingly horrible situation—just write. It really does help. Trust me.
  7. Lay down your legacy. Every time you write, every time you publish, you leave a trail of yourself, of who you are and what you represent. These words will outlive but eternalize you. Just a little something to think about.
  8. A little writing goes a long way. One word or phrase can make all the difference.  Sometimes it’s all you need to make that magic connection with people. If you don’t believe me, try writing to your close family members every now and then.
  9. Can be lucrative. I can’t possibly express this point any better than Brian Clark of Copyblogger just did.
  10. It helps burn calories. A good day of writing can increase your appetite and leave you feeling like you’ve just moved your aunt’s  piano to her new penthouse across town. There’s probably no scientific evidence to support this, but I’ll vouch for it.
  11. It feels greeeeeeaat! When you get into a solid groove of writing, there are few other activities that satisfy your intellect, emotions and personal goals all in one fell swoop.

So go ahead — keep writing!

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12 Replies

  1. C Scott Morris Reply

    I laughed when I read this, but he’s right. These are some good ideas/suggestions.

  2. Mike Brewer Reply

    I thought the piece was spot on in it’s simplicity – it’s the action that is the tough part! In the end – you just have to put fear and hesitation to the side and put a dent in the world with your own personal inner sage – not to suggest you give the middle finger to the world but rather that you act with whimsical regard for the thoughts and actions of the would be stalls and critics of the world. Just put it out there, participate and move on to the next big adventure.
    Peace out into the sunset money grif – as my friend used to say when leaving the house!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. You managed to do this without using the same tired old methods to get over writer’s block. Nicely done, and inspiring reasons to write.

  4. Charles Reply

    Hey thanks everyone for the comments. I just went out to the beach with my son for a couple of hours and was pleasantly surprised to see your participation!

    Anyway I’m firm believer that writing is just like exercise — you have to do it no matter what if you want to get “in shape.” And like exercise, it’s easy to lose motivation and fall off the wagon. So it helps to think of all the ways why you should be doing it…even if the reason is not typical.

  5. Chelsea Reply

    I liked this so much I added it to my bookmarks. My favorite is #4, just for the fact that it is so true.


  6. Walter Reply

    You have really pinned something within me on this. I do love to write but sometimes its hard. But some of your reason here have kept me going. Indeed, writing has made me a better person. I just hope that my words will command attention. 🙂