Friday Freak Out


Photo by *L*u*z*a* return to nature

Welcome to something new here at Wordful. Every Friday I’m going to post little nuggets of content, tweets, links, conversations, or whatever from the past week on the web.

Friday Freak Out is an experiment to:

  • Give you readers a break from my writing.
  • Draw more traffic to this site through the power of link karma.
  • Give me a break from writing and the opporunity to be Editor-in-Chief.

So without further ado, here is Friday Freak Out for the week of 4/25-5/1, 2009:

Have a great weekend and Aloha from Wordful!

Ed: I’ve decided to move this to “Wordful Wednesday” next week.
  • Thanks for including a link to my post. Glad you liked the “selling the blogging dream” article…

    Your Thesis customization looks impressive! Great work.