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Writers Aren’t Wired for Marketing

I don’t know about you, but I love words. I love poetry and literature and great letters. I loved being an English major in college. And I’ve always considered myself a writer and editor before anything else. It’s been that way long before the internet existed. But I also love the times we’re in, when an average person like […]

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Why Mainstream Publishers Can’t Make Money

Looking around the web, I’ve noticed two types of publishers—private and public (these are terms I coined myself). The Private Side Private publishing puts marketing first. It treats content as commodity—like an ebook or a free report or even a blog that drives people to opt into a list. The list is where the magic […]

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Why Bloggers Matter to the Publishing Industry

What makes a blogger? A penchant for the rant? A crowd hustler with sticky offers? A spirited journalist, an observer of life, a thought leader? And what about the rest of us, scratching hard to make (not even a) living? Is it all for nothing or is there a future for us? The answer is absolutely. […]

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