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7 Bad Habits New Bloggers Must Avoid

I have to be very honest: maintaining a professional blog is challenging. It’s been over six weeks since I switched wordful.com from a mini-consulting site to a blog. At that time I told myself that I must write on it everyday. The kick-off started off relatively well until I fell into some bad writing habits. […]

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The Significance of Personal Publishing

The ability to self publish on the internet, where nobody controls anybody, may very well be one of the greatest milestones of the early 21st century. Anybody with access to a computer and the web can exert their full intellectual and emotional facilities to whomever chooses to listen. I must say this has got to […]

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Articles vs. Blog Posts: What’s it Going to Be?

I read a very interesting AlertBox article by Jakob Nielsen the other day entitled “Write Articles, Not Blog Postings.” While I tend to think that there is a gray area between what’s an article and what’s a blog post, Nielsen presents a valid point: there’s a limit to the value you can provide if the […]

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