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Pro Referral mobile app
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Pro Referral is Home Depot’s digital marketplace that connects licensed professional (“pros”) with homeowner (“leads”).

The Pro Referral mobile app is a lead gen tool for pros to receive and reply to leads, message customers, and manage jobs. Our task was to boost engagement and brand loyalty for the most active pros.

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Problem framing, part 1

On the old app, we noticed a lot of churn from the app at certain stages of a job.

This is because we lost visibility of a job once a pro contacted a lead, which means we couldn't:

😐 know if a job was done
😐 measure pro performance
😐 drive product loyalty, retention, and in-store spend
😐 improve lead quality
😐 identify pain points in the app
😐 reward high performers
😐 connect leads with relevant, responsible pros

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Problem framing, part 2

Thanks to our stellar in-house researcher, we had some key insights from pros who used the app to gather and manage leads and jobs:

😬 Confusing IA, can’t find things
😬 Low awareness of features
😬 Various usability issues
😬 Not perceived as pro-friendly
😬 Job statuses and timer don’t align with pro’s mental model
😬 Unclear and inconsistent copy

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My content design framework

To be successful, I created a content design framework based on this question:

How can content design help pros manage jobs from start to finish,
in a way that speaks to them,
while aligning copy across product, brand, and our team?

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“Help pros manage jobs from start to finish” - part 1

The previous IA separated leads from jobs, which confused pros.

Also, the update job status link was hard to find.

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“Help pros manage jobs from start to finish” - part 1 continued

I talked to pros to understand how they think about their work, going from a lead to a finished job, then I:

✅ Simplified job lifecycle to match pro’s mental model

✅ Paired each backend match status to a pro-facing job status label

✅ Tested the new job status labels

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“Help pros manage jobs from start to finish” - part 1 continued

Creating a labeling hierarchy and better UX created clear steps to help pros manage their jobs.

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“Help pros manage jobs from start to finish” - part 2

The term “New leads” conveyed zero urgency to follow up with the customer, who was waiting for a reply and a bid. To solve for this, I wrote the timestamp logic to clarify when a lead arrives and expires. They utilized both absolute and relative time for different scenarios.

Even though pros were competing with each other on leads, our research uncovered that pros have a lot of pride – they do not see themselves as the “beggar” in the relationship with the customer, but, rather the “chooser.”

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" a way that speak to them..."

To write the UI copy, I did more research, talked to subject matter experts, and created a comprehensive messaging strategy.

New app onboarding flow

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"...while aligning copy across product, brand, and team”

Finally, I created an HTML style guide for Pro Referral with the goal of empowering my team members with UX copy that:

✏️ is reusable, scalable, and transferable

✏️ reinforces the Home Depot brand

✏️ provides clear direction and hand-off protocols for my build partners

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Results of the new Pro Referral app
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