Why You’ll Never Get Rich Blogging

I concede: I will never get rich blogging and I don’t recommend you try it, either. It worked well for some people at the right time, but it’s not ever going to work for me…and likely you.

The reason why is because blogging for money tends to evaporate creativity and the Linchpin. The majority of bloggers entering the scene are compelled to produce content that meets the goal of making a sale.

Opportunistic bloggers with little experience usually find a popular marketing blog or two to help get them started. These popular blogs are rooted in the “make money” formula, which is based on three things: Read more

10 Brilliant Uses for Your Blog Other Than Making Money

cool birthday cake with 10 candlesSick of hopelessly blogging for dollars? Instead of taking the easy way and giving up, consider using your blog to:

  1. Make you famous, or at least position you as a bona fide expert in your field. Ideas can carry much more currency than dollars, especially when people trust you.
  2. Expand your brand. Sounds cliché, but it’s true. Look at Shoemoney: he blogs everyday without a hint of sales pitch. Yet, his brand is strong. In fact, if it wasn’t for his blog, Shoemoney wouldn’t have a brand at all. Money in the bank—yes—but no brand. Huge difference.
  3. Exercise your 1st amendment rights. Free speech is ever so precious. So why not trade in some of your inner capitalist for some outer expressionist? Stop worrying about the market and start speaking your mind to the world. It feels grrrrrreat, by the way. Read more