Highlighter Plugin Review: Add Fluid Conversation to Your Blog

Just the other day I was chatting with my Maui friends David and Jeff of Organic Themes and we were wondering what the guys at Unique Blog Designs were up to.

Well it seems they’ve been cooking up a nifty little WordPress plug-in called Highlighter. This plugin for WordPress (and soon to be other blog platforms) is a sophisticated commenting and sharing plug-in for your blog.

I just downloaded, installed and tested it, and so far: I’m impressed…just as long as the bugs get worked out. I also LOVE the name!

Fluid Commenting and Sharing on Your Blog

First of all, if you look around, you’ll see that I’ve got Highlighter installed on this blog.

All you have to do is highlight something that catches your attention and choose from making a comment, sharing on Facebook or Twitter or email.

The commenting features seems to work pretty well — if you look at the bottom of the page you’ll see a what I highlighted and the comments I made on it. Read more

‘Writer’ App for iPad Review: It Really Helps You Write

Okay. I’ve taken a seat in my favorite coffee shop, I’ve removed my watch and I’m here to focus on writing.

The last thing I’ve done before starting is download iA’s Writer app for the iPad for a live out-of-the-box demo here on Wordful.

Ultra Quick Disclaimer

Before we get into this marvel of an app, let me stress that you shouldn’t be reading this post if you think Writer is going to make you a better or more disciplined writer. That’s all on you, amigo.

First Blush Impressions of Writer

So far I like this app. Writer has an astonishing sense of empathy for the bona fide writer:
Read more

5 Secrets to Being Productive on the iPad

photo of windmillsDid you hear about the guy who said the iPad is like masturbation?

There’s some truth in that. The iPad is brilliantly designed and marketed for media consumption. In the wrong hands, it becomes a smörgåsbord for content gluttons.

But what about people like us who are committed to getting things done? How does this sleek Apple device benefit us?

Here are a few secrets to get you started: Read more

The Time for Apps is Right Now

iphone ipad glee app imageI can’t help but notice the explosion of apps on mobile devices, namely, the iPad (affiliate link). If you bother to take a close look, you’ll be blown away by the level of engagement.

We’re not just talking about reading text with pictures, or even watching videos, or tweeting, or Facebook liking— but combining all these activities into ethereal experiences supported by intelligent content and handsome design.

Take, for example, the Glee app. Glee is a hugely popular drama tv show that blends teenage hormones with raw vocal talent. I turned over the app to my daughter, and within 5 minutes she had recorded herself singing one of the episode’s covers (Poker Face, complete with harmonies and instrumental), which was then uploaded and broadcasted worldwide to other Glee app users. Read more

How Will Publishers Humanize the Ebook?

warm light as a woman reads a bookThe delectable scent of fresh pages, the curious art of the dust jacket, the weight of a title in our hands—how will the ebook ever measure up to its sliced-tree ancestor?

The immediate and obvious answer is it can’t—there is no nostalgic substitute for ‘curling up with our favorite (paper) book’.

But that’s certainly not an answer future readers will accept as we enter the age of digital reading.

Ebooks must offer a Proustian experience equal to if not better than that of traditional books. The publishers who pick up on this will be the ones who stay in business. Read more