Free Webinar: How to Get Rich and Famous with Your Blog

John Chow and Wordful webinarHi there, in case you haven’t heard, problogger John Chow and I will be hosting a free webinar next Tuesday at 4pm PDT called “How to Get Rich Famous with Your Blog.”

Unlike what you might be thinking, this webinar isn’t about some secret ninja guru technique that’s going to transform your blog into a virtual cash machine overnight. So all of you looking for the instant flashy Ferraris and beach-side mansions are going to have to look elsewhere.

What John and I are talking about is actually something far more interesting and realistic: How to create great content that builds your credibility, boosts your confidence and makes you more money. This has been the passion and focus of Wordful since day one.

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Hey, Web Consultant: Ditch Your Job Now

Back in 2008, I was the friendly neighborhood web guy—gleaming smile, shiny new website and an office open for business.

I remember posting a question to Aaron Wall (I was a paid member of SEOBook) on how to price SEO services for a proposal. His reply was this:

Being an SEO consultant is not exactly profitable. I recommend using SEO for your internet marketing.

Say what? I thought web consultants and Internet Marketers were one and the same! Wrong.

So what exactly is Internet Marketing and what’s so great about it?

Here’s my definition of web marketing: strategies and tactics to drive traffic and increase conversions on monetized niche websites.

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Why Publishers Must Be Nimble

If you’re a serious web publisher of any kind I recommend you immediately read “Nimble: a Razorfish report on publishing in the digital age” by Rachel Lovinger. It’s an excellent, transformative and highly creative treatise on the future of digital publishing.

The bottom line on Nimble is this: make your content available anywhere and everywhere at all times.

In other words, now that we’re beyond the space constraints of newspaper and magazine columns—and even the garden-variety website—we need to design our content to be mobile and social across all platforms—even ones that aren’t yet invented. Read more

The Real Secret of RSS Reading

Here’s the secret: if you change RSS to mean “Reading Simplified for Success” you can effectively use it to steer your success.

A bit odd, I know, but consider the wisdom that says “you become the people you surround yourself with” or “if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.”

Do you see where this is going?

Limit Your Reading

In this age of content free-for-all, it takes an incredible amount of care and discipline to limit and filter our reading.

Take an inventory of your RSS subscriptions—are you personally attuned and captivated by the content? Does it add qualitative value to your personal version of success?
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Is Facebook Trying to Become a Content Network?

Are you also seeing this message on your Facebook account?:

Apply to be a beta tester and get the first look at upcoming Facebook products.

After clicking through, you’re presented with a page titled “Help us build the future of Facebook.” There’s some description about the “launch of a brand new product to the world” and how you can apply to be a beta tester.

Normally I’d ignore something like this, but what Facebook is proposing is too fascinating to pass up: a chance for my writing to be seen by “tens of millions of people — including job recruiters” as well as a visit to the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto (where my awesome sister Blair lives).

Too good to be true? How about an attempt to exploit masses of struggling, web-savvy writers? Hmmm… Read more