Month: February 2011

Why Blogging Might Be Killing You, And How to Fight Back

After blogging for the past two and a half years, I now know that if it’s not feeling natural to you then you’re pretty much killing yourself. I speak from experience, of course. I lately find myself trying a little too hard to conjure up that perfect post. It’s as if my mind refuses to cooperate […]

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The Internet is Begging for Curators: Are You In?

The amount of content on the web is now so abundant that it’s begging everyday users to jump in and start curating what they consume. One such service is, an online “newspaper” that anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can plug in to. It gathers and sorts through the links shared in the […]

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Are You a Content Glutton?

Should you really be reading this post right now? Don’t you have more productive things to do? I’m half-kidding. I mean, I appreciate your attention. I’ll make it worth your while. But I must ask: How much time are you spending feasting on other people’s content versus creating your own? All-you-can-eat content This fairly new […]

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