Month: April 2010

Want a Future in Publishing? Focus on Choosers

Right now the progressive talk among publishers centers around pricing, ebooks, gadgets, branding and community/social media (in somewhat loosely connected terms). All important stuff, but we need to focus even more on choosers. Choosers are people who share and recommends things to others, and they’re at the center of the evolving social web. They decide what sticks and […]

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How Will Publishers Humanize the Ebook?

The delectable scent of fresh pages, the curious art of the dust jacket, the weight of a title in our hands—how will the ebook ever measure up to its sliced-tree ancestor? The immediate and obvious answer is it can’t—there is no nostalgic substitute for ‘curling up with our favorite (paper) book’. But that’s certainly not an answer […]

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Why The World Needs Less Copywriting

Update: this post has been updated to better reflect the author’s intent. It’s no secret that copywriters can be exquisite with words. They’re downright crafty when it comes to selling the sizzle. But what about social interaction? The thoughtful, unscripted dialog between company and customer that demands our humanity and rejects the skillfully manicured sales pitch? Our blossoming social space demands […]

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