Month: December 2009

How to Make Money Without Selling Out

In web marketing, you either monetize or you don’t. It’s dramatic when you consider the extremes between the two camps: Some one-trick ponies monetizers are simply after your money and will stop at nothing to sell you out for their personal gain. They offer zero value, have no dignity and are largely anonymous. The “purists” of the web […]

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This Season, Give the Gift of Clarity

As we wind down what’s been a revolutionary year on the web, it’s time give thanks to all your supporters—your readers, social network friends and followers, your family and yes—even yourself. And what not a better gift to give this year* than the gift of clarity. Everyone is sure to love and appreciate it for […]

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A Quick Guide to Sex, Love and Profit on the Web

If you’re looking to build a business on the web, then it’s time to put your efforts into context. Do this: think of publishing (or content) as love, marketing as sex, and your work to profit from them as marriage. By themselves, sex and love are very powerful, but they have their limitations:

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